June: The Baby Turns 1, Type 1 Turns Two

June’s a big month in our household. My son Griffin will be one-year-old on June 29 and the second anniversary of Lily’s type 1 diabetes diagnosis is June 9 — also know as a diaversary in the T1D world. (Read my first diaversary post.)

Just one year after Lily’s onset of type 1, we welcomed a new baby into our lives. The past two years have been a total time warp to say the least. It’s crazy to think that Lily has now had type 1 diabetes for more than half her life. I feel sad, I feel proud, I feel tired. I can’t remember what life was like without it.

The impact of this disease is starting to hit me in a new and different way. Now that Griffin is eating real food (and a lot of it), I marvel at the fact that I can just hand him food without having to do any calculations in my head, or grab any devices. I don’t have to reach for a Dexcom and an insulin pump each time he wants a snack. It’s a real mind f**k.

Sometimes I check Griffin’s blood sugar when he’s acting weird, or I feel like he’s drinking a lot of water — and I make sure Lily sees me do it. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, because I don’t think she truly understands that she has diabetes and most other people don’t. She knows not everyone wears a pump or a Dexcom, but I don’t think she understands why — or that she even thinks about it. The other day, when we were changing Lily’s Dexcom, she said, “When Griffin gets bigger, he’s going to get a ‘boom boom’ too!” (Lily calls the part of the Dex that goes on her body her “boom boom” – long story). It broke my heart for two reasons, because a) maybe he will one day get one (see my post about his odds of getting type 1) and b) maybe he won’t and she’ll remain the only person in our household with T1D. Both outcomes are really unfair – to different people for different reasons.

Obviously, I could go on and on about how the past two years managing my daughter’s type 1 diabetes have been beyond difficult, life-changing, life-affirming, and basically every other single emotion know to man. But, I want to take some time to celebrate all the good in our lives, and give some shine to our sweet Griffin Grey, because this blog usually focuses on T1D and Lily.



Griffin is Almost One — Here’s What He’s Up To
This guy has been such a joy and a very chill baby — well maybe if you subtract months 8-10 from the record, and all of the awful ear infections that made life a little hellish at times. Mostly, he’s just a chubby, happy guy! One of my very favorite things about him is that when he gets excited, his whole body kind of engages and shakes, and his little legs kick and he grunts. It’s heart-melting. He finally started crawling around 10 months and being mobile really improved his mood. Some of his favorite things are grapes, flowers/plants, digging in dirt, standing/cruising, anything involving water (including drinking it), food (especially any food his sister has), and music. When music comes on, he throws his hands in the air and bobs his giant head. He loves animals and anytime he sees one, he makes his universal animal noise which sounds like half monkey/half dog. At the time of writing this (11ish months), he’s waving hello and goodbye, he can say “mama” and “dada,” he’s clapping, he can kind of do the signs for “all done” and “more,” and he can stand unsupported for short times, and of course is crawling, cruising, and pulling up on everything.

What else? Well, he’s making a lot of messes — opening every cabinet and drawer he can find and pulling out all of the things. He has a little blue and white dog lovey he sleeps with and he’ll play with it in his crib in the cutest ways – he rubs its ears between his fingers, waves it around in the air, pulls it across his face over and over. It’s the sweetest. He’s still nursing, though we’re winding way down, and we have all kinds of games and inside jokes we do during this time. We love him SO SO SO much and can’t imagine our lives without him.

I’m beyond grateful for these little people in my home, and I’m counting my blessings all the time. Happy birhtday, Big G, and happy second diaversary, Seeet Lil. You both amaze me.

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