June: The Baby Turns 1, Type 1 Turns Two

June's a big month in our household. My son Griffin will be one-year-old on June 29 and the second anniversary of Lily's type 1 diabetes diagnosis is June 9 -- also know as a diaversary in the T1D world. (Read my first diaversary post.) Just one year after Lily's onset of type 1, we welcomed … Continue reading June: The Baby Turns 1, Type 1 Turns Two

The Hardest Thing Lately

Someone recently asked me what the hardest thing about having a child with type 1 is, and I had to think. Is it the fact that I literally have not slept through the night since she was diagnosed almost two years ago? Is it the constant worry? The constant monitoring and calculating? I don't know. … Continue reading The Hardest Thing Lately